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Procrastination Involving Love and Relationships

We all suffer from procrastination. As young children, we did anything to avoid cleaning up our room, or to take the trash out. Lazy, maybe. As we grow into adults, the procrastination bite continues moving from small chores to everyday duties at work. We know we need to make that phone call, or send out the report and sometimes in our life we have continued days of fire drills. But have you thought of the procrastination of relationships? Is that we forget? Or do we take for granted what we have, or do we even know that we are procrastinators?

The fact is that all of us during our relationships are models of relationship procrastinators. We don’t spend the time nurturing what we have. We often times forget to live passionately today and instead allow our daily chores of life get in the way of what is important.

Yes, we as society need to be great workers, and no I am not suggesting that we spend countless hours in bed with the one we love (even though that is great idea). No, it is far more remedial, far more simpler to avoid the procrastination of relationships.

It’s spending an extra 15 minutes to look in the eyes of the one we love, search their hearts, and take a “memory picture” of that moment. It’s enjoying that sunset and sharing the experience and saying “wow.” It’s going on a lunch date with your love and telling him or her that they’re the greatest.

Often times, we have a “close to death experience”, or we have a loved one pass away and we find ourselves saying “I wish I had …” Folks the “wish you hads,..” are horrible. They can’t be fixed. They cannot be undone. However, what we can do is to get rid of the procrastination in our relationship. Yes, your spouse may ask you “what’s got into lately,” and at that moment, you can look into the mirror and no longer have the “wish you hads.”

If you’re lucky enough to have a spouse, significant other, or friend that rocks your world, then you owe it to yourself to stop the procrastination of relationships, and begin experiencing that relationship today. Yes, the message has been articulated many times before, however our society continues not to listen to the message.

Just look at divorce rates of today. When you procrastinate, you leave projects undone, and you assume that tomorrow you will get to it. Wrong answer. You are taking an unnecessary huge risk in procrastinating with your relationship. Yes, the business report will be done, and yes you will make that phone call. But it does not mean a hills of beans if you have delayed the action of saying “I love you,” correction, showing the person that you love them. You don’t know if tomorrow will come, nor do you know if your spouse will be here.

Don’t beat up yourself with the “shoulda, woulda, couldas,” but rather stop today the procrastination of relationships.

Bill Witt - CPA, Attorney
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author
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