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Who I am


Some may say that I'm a husband, a father, a grandfather, a triathlete (albiet slow), a CPA, an attorney, a game builder, or an entreprenuer.  I guess I'm all of them.  I'm the luckiest guy in the world to have a fantasic wife, Leslie.  I get to brag about my three step sons Rudy, Lenny, and Raymond and I get to watch my son, Trevor, grow to become a wonderful young man.


I get to work with my wife at our firm, Witt Consulting, and I get the fantastic opportunity to serve as a tax attorney and business advisor for great clients all over the country.


And I have had the great opportunity to create a small software company, Trapezy, an insurance strategies company, OMKW, and a board game company, Pajaggle.  Some did ok and others not so much.  All the time, I have been able to experience some wonderful journeys in life and look forward to more for the second half of my life.


Why I have a blog

Not really sure.  I have written about many experiences.  Some I have shared with family and friends.  I'm honored to have provided a eulogy, more of a tribute, for each of my grandparents. Recently, I was asked 'do I have a blog?"  I said no, but started thinking why not.   So here it is. 

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